Combos & Packs

Packs are only available for to go orders.
Sushi Party Platter

Sushi tray to share with friends or family, perfect for your event. Choose 6 rolls from the list and create your own.

Rolls: Kanki, Neptune, Fortune, California, Komasa, Chester, Philadelphia, Bonsai, Hulk, Kumori Yasae
Family Pack

4 Rolls: California, Fortune, Philadelphia, Earth, Fiji, Bonsai, Fire Cracker Roll
2 Mix Yakimeshi
1 Edamame or Temari Fried Shrimp Balls
1 Gyozas
Date Night Pack

2 Rolls: Fiji, Omega, Earth, Tootsie, Ebi Crunch
1 Edamame or Temari Fried Shrimp Balls
1 Cheese cake

Combo Nigiri & Roll

6 Nigiris: Maguro, Unagui, Ebi, Suzuki, Tako, Sake and 1 Roll to choose (California Roll, Maki Tuna, Maki Salmon or Nevada Roll)
Combo Sunomono & Roll


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