About Kumori

About Us

In 1996, Kumori was born with the idea of giving our customers the best quality in food and service. We’re the first Modern Japanese restaurant in the South of Texas and even after 25 years of experience we still working hard to be better every day.

We have a large menu that includes different rolls, rice, bowls, soup, salads, nigiri, sushi, desserts and more. Still, we want to keep giving our customers new flavors and dishes.

We promise that you will find fresh, delicious, and first-quality ingredients in every bite. If you want to experience new style Japanese cuisine we invite you to Kumori!

Our Philosophy

Decision-making is based on our four pillars: Employees, Clients, Quality and Success.


Offer high quality products being particularly careful in providing the best customer satisfaction in a modern, spotless, and pleasant atmosphere.


Position ourselves as the best and largest sushi chain in Texas, standing out for our great service and innovative dishes, our cocktails and wine which give our customers a unique, high quality experience.


Responsibility / Respect / Hospitality / Integrity / Team Work / Honesty / Creativity / Loyalty / Generosity / We keep our promises


"Wholehearted hospitality"

Kumori Omotenashi means that we love to attend to our customers with an open and sincere mind, treating them the way we would like to be treated, always willing to do something extra to make them feel happier than when they arrived.

At Kumori we believe that there are no things small enough if they result in a greater experience for our customer. Kumori Omotenashi is from the bottom of the heart, honest, no hiding, no pretending.


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