Spicy Tamarindo

Try our unique and delicious mix of tamarind, spicy tamarind Smirnoff, lime juice, sugar and chili powder.
Mango Tango

Let us refresh you with this awesome drink!, half strawberry and chamoy Bacardi daiquiri and mango daiquiri on top.
Drink In A Box

Refreshing cobbler made of watermelon, Susto Mezcal, lime juice and sparkling lemonade served in a BOX!!.
Japa Matcha

Amazing cocktail made of colada mix, Malubu rum, touch of cream, matcha tea and mango.
Kumori Tea

Great and delicious mix of mango, Jasmin infused Sake and mint blended with ice.
Japanese Blush

Let us amaze you with our refreshing cranberry, rose wine fizzy cocktail!  

Let us refresh you with our exotic kiwi and lime mix served over ice with Susto Mezcal.
Lychee Elixir

Exotic lychee mojito, made with fresh lime, mint, lychees and Bacardi Light Rum.
Pink Geisha

Try our delicious strawberry-colada flavored cocktail, made with Malibu!
Marshmallow Carajillo

Try our twist of a Carajillo, made with toasted marshmallow syrup, 43 liquor, Kahlua and Coffee, Garnished with flambé marshmallows!
Cucumber Martini

Cucumber martini, enlivened with lime juice, Tito's Vodka, and a refreshing cucumber puree, shaken with ice and rimmed with tajín.
Smirnoff Tamarindo 7.99
Absolut 7.99
Grey Goose 8.99
Tito's Vodka 6.99
Bacardi 7.99
Bacardi Añejo 9.99
Captain Morgan 7.99
Malibu 7.99
Buchanan 8.99
Crown Royal 7.99
J Walker Black 8.99
Jack Daniel's 7.99
Jim Beam 7.99
Mcallan 12 13.99
Cuervo Trad 7.99
Don Julio Blan 9.99
Don Julio Rep 9.99
Double Tequila 2.99
Patron Silver 8.99
Jimador Silver 6.99
Maestro Dobel Diamante 9.99
Mezcal Susto 9.99
Tanqueray 7.99
Hendricks 7.99
Grand Marnier 7.99
Bailey's Irish Cream 7.99
Kalhua 6.99
Licor 43 7.99
specialty drinks
Baby Mango 5.99
Blue Kamikaze 5.99
Sake Bomb 6.99
Banana 7.99
Strawberry 8.99
specialty drinks
Kamikazee 7.99
Refreshing lime drink made with vodka, lime juice and triple sec served over ice.

Japanese Slipper 7.99
Sweet mix of Melon liquor, lime juice and triple sec, Shaked and served in martini glass.

Kumori Kooler 7.99
Tropical combination of coconut liquor, banana liquor, watermelon liquor, pineapple and orange juice. 

Tequila Sunrise 7.99
Classic drink made of tequila, orange juice and a touch of grenadine.

Bahama Mama 7.99
Tiki mix of light rum, banana liquor and pineapple juice.

Blue Hawaiian 7.99
Classic tropical drink made of Coconut rum, blue curaçao, pineapple juice and light rum Shaked and served over ice.

Long Island Iced Tea 8.99
Tipsy mix made of triple sec, rum, tequila, gin and vodka served over ice with lime juice, simple syrup soda and dash of coke.

Mai Tai 7.99
Tiki drink made of light rum, pineapple juice, cassis liquor and dark rum on float.

Piña Colada 7.99
Traditional drink made of coconut cream and pineapple mix with rum.

Tequila Sangria 7.99
Refreshing twist made with silver Tequila, lemonade and red wine on float!

Carreta 8.99
Skinny drink made of tequila, lime juice and soda water rimmed with salt.

Japanese Paloma 8.99
Tequila, Grapefruit juice, lime juice, simple syrup and soda water.

Classic 7.99
Cucumber 7.99
Mango 7.99
Strawberry 7.99
Kiwi 8.99
On the rocks: Cucumber 7.99
On the rocks: Watermelon 7.99
Classic 7.99
Chamoy 7.99
Mango 7.99
Strawberry 7.99
Kiwi 8.99
Regular Martini 9.99
Apple 9.99
Chamoy 8.99
Cosmo 9.99
Cucumber 8.99
Mango 8.99
Strawberry 8.99
Watermelon 8.99
Blue Wave 9.99
Purple Haze 9.99
Kiwi 9.99
Budlight 3.99
Budweiser 3.99
Coors Light 3.99
Michelob Ultra 3.99
Miller Lite 3.99
Shiner Bock 3.99
Ginger beer 3.99
Asahi 4.49
Corona 4.49
Dos Equis XX 4.49
Kirin Ichiban 4.49
Sapporo 4.49
Sapporo LG 7.79


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