Aperol Spritz

Savor the effervescent charm of Prosecco, Aperol, and Soda Water, adorned with a delightful orange wheel for a touch of citrusy sophistication.

Bold fusion of Gosling's Dark Rum, Tuaca, lime juice, and
Fever Tree Ginger Beer, served over rocks and garnished with a zesty lime wedge.
Cucumber Martini

Cucumber martini, enlivened with lime juice, Grand Marnier, and a refreshing cucumber puree, shaken with ice and
rimmed with tajin.
Kyoto Sour

Perfect blend of Old Grand Dad Bourbon, zesty lime juice, ginger syrup, and a tantalizing twist of red wine.
Lucky Red Margarita

A vibrant fusion of
Camarena tequila, zesty lime and orange juice, with a tantalizing salt rim and a fresh lime wedge garnish.
Rising Sun

An exotic harmony of Dewar's Japanese, aperol, lime, and pineapple juice, infused with hibiscus syrup,
and adorned with an orange moon and mint.
Sake Sangria

A refreshing blend of sake, strawberry puree, lime juice, garnished with mint, and dehydrated strawberry.
Tokyo Lemonade

Refreshing lemonade and house sake, elevated by a twist of lime and a hint of
fresh mint.

Enchanting blend of Dewar's Japanese, Matcha Syrup, Midori, and Lime juice, adorned with a tantalizing matcha and sugar rim.